Everything You Need to Know About Hiring a Freight Dispatcher in Atlanta

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What does a Freight Dispatcher do?

Trucking dispatch companies are vital in keeping the trucking business safe and working properly. The primary responsibility of a freight dispatcher is to organize freight for a carrier. This includes locating freight via load boards and personal connections, communicating with brokers, executing agreements, and finally assigning drivers and arranging their routes. In many situations, the job often includes back-end tasks such as keeping track of their driving hours and verifying truck drivers’ logs.

Duties and Responsibilities of Truck/ Freight Dispatchers

The duties and responsibilities of the freight dispatchers may vary from company to company. Before hiring an expert dispatcher, make sure what services do they offer. These are some of the responsibilities of a freight/ truck dispatcher.

⦁The responsibility of the freight dispatching company is to keep track of drivers’ working hours, keep their records, and also check for equipment supply.
⦁Their responsibility also includes keeping a check of the weather of the driver’s location and informing them of any mishappening or weather change.
⦁They take care of the health and safety of drivers while also taking care of the needs of their customers.
⦁Keeping a check of how many drivers and trucks are out for the work
⦁Manage the loads efficiently while remaining cost-effectively
⦁Get the necessary documents ready for the drivers
⦁Negotiating the rates with customers and looking for the best delivery methods

Average Salary of a Freight/ Truck Dispatcher

When hiring a dispatcher you need to consider two types. You can hire an individual truck dispatcher in Atlanta or you can also look for Atlanta dispatching companies, whatever suits your budget. An individual freight/ truck dispatcher charges $22.51 per hour and a dispatcher who is associated with any company charges 40.22$ per hour.

What are the Different Types of Freight?

⦁Intermodal rail freight
⦁Full truckload freight
⦁Less than truckload freight
⦁Ocean freight
⦁Expedited freight

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Advantages of Hiring Freight/ Truck Dispatchers

Drivers Appear More Active

A good dispatcher should also keep a check on drivers along with maintaining all the paperwork. The dispatcher should keep their focus on drivers by keeping drivers on track and providing them with new hauls. 

You Need Not Worry About the Customers

A dispatcher should be an effective communicator. The finest dispatchers are exceptional problem solvers, whether it’s speaking gently with drivers to assist them with a pick-up or delivery, or receiving and responding to emails from consumers or shipping clients.

Drivers Appear Happier

Drivers are the lifeblood of any delivery company, as any freight dispatching company understands. It can be difficult to work long hours or deal with difficult working conditions. Given the transportation industry’s current driver shortage, keeping them happy and safe provides numerous advantages for the organization.